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Discover: lowered floor for 2 wheelchair passengers

A lowered floor for 2 wheelchair passengers? Yes, that's possible!



In the Ford Tourneo Custom (L2), two wheelchair passengers can take place on the lowered floor... which leads to many advantages:


1. The vehicle has a ramp that is easy to fold out, and thus forms an excellent alternative to the wheelchair lift. This is the future for the healthcare sector.


2. In addition, the Ford Tourneo Custom does not belong to the category of large passenger cars / minibuses. This makes it a pleasant vehicle to drive with in the city or for example when parking.


3. Also for private individuals, this car is a nice solution. For example for a family with 2 children in a wheelchair, or for large families.


4. The wheelchair passengers drive between the second and third row of seats, so that they can feel more involved during the journey.


5. If 1 wheelchair passenger is traveling, there is room for no less than 6 extra people.


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