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In many cases * you as a person with a physical disability can enjoy a refund. There are several agencies were you can go to for this, below you will find the most important ones.

Government agencies: Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities (VAPH, Flanders), Agence pour une Vie de Qualité (AViQ, Wallonia), Service public francophone bruxellois (Service Phare, Brussels)
Other: VDAB, insurance, etc.

* this depends on your situation, background, age, place of residence, etc.

Category: refunds

If you are entitled to a refund (VAPH, AVIQ, PHARE, …), there is absolutely no problem buying a stock car that has already been converted. We ensure that you receive a detailed quote (with a complete description of the conversion and parts) that you can add to your personal file. Once you have submitted your request, you can already purchase the car. That means that you can be helped very fast and benefit the refunds which are applicable.

Category: refunds

For some people with a physical disability, the 6% VAT rate applies.
The tax benefits in terms of VAT are allowed to the following persons:
• people who are completely blind
• people who are completely paralyzed in the upper limbs
• persons whose upper limbs are amputated
• persons with a permanent disability of at least 50% that is directly attributable to the lower limbs
• military or civilian war invalids with an invalidity pension of at least 50%

You can request the certificate from the FOD/SPF with the following documents:
• your identity card
• a recent certificate of invalidity
• the signed order form

After purchasing the car, you will then be able to recover the VAT paid. That way you will have purchased your new car at the end of the process without VAT.

When purchasing your car, Aanpassingen Goossens helps you from A to Z to guide you through the administrative procedure.

Category: refunds

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